The Indeed Laboratories™ story began when Dia Foley, now VP of Sales + Marketing expressed the need for instant, flawless, HD camera ready skin after an appearance on TV.  Having to go live on air would give any woman pause to consider the state of their skin.  High definition digital technology brings about visual clarity for the viewer, but for on-camera talent that crispness magnifies every pore, line and perceived imperfection.  Turning to the in studio makeup person, she thought aloud, “Wouldn’t it be great to achieve that soft, camera lens filter effect applied directly to the surface of your face?”  And thus, out of the need for instant, flawless, HD ready skin, nanoblur™ was born.


Women are looking for high performance, innovative products.  Products that do what they say.  We at Indeed Laboratories™ are consumers first and foremost and we are always on the lookout for products that deliver realistic results.  As a cosmetic company committed to bringing innovation, we believe that technological advances in skincare development will aid in improving the state of our skin.  Indeed Laboratories™ is founded on this principle.



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