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Since 1950, Head & Shoulders has been at the forefront of scalp and hair science, significantly advancing the treatment of dandruff and leaving scalp in good condition and moisture balanced. Along with professional advice and expert insight, head & shoulders has a wide range of products to care for your scalp and nurture your hair.


The biggest benefit is visibly flake free hair with regular use. Dermatologists recognize that regular use of head & shoulders is one of the effective ways to help eliminate dandruff symptoms, including a tight, itchy scalp. And our celebrity stylist, Ryan Trygstad agrees: confidence comes with a great head of hair and a scalp in good condition is an easy way to ensure that you look your best every day


However, H&S doesn’t feel, or smell, like what you might expect from an anti-dandruff shampoo. Instead of a medicated aroma, there are fresh, zingy scents and a rich formula. head & shoulders is gentle enough for daily use – even on hair that’s colored – leaving hair fresh and deeply cleansed and your scalp moisture balanced healthy.


Head & Shoulders’ anti- dandruff shampoos are complemented by a range of conditioners that are rich in intensive moisturizers. And there are enough products to choose from for various hair types, different kinds of hair, from fine to frizzy, damaged to limp.


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