With a history of over 30 years, DASHING has been part of the psyche of the Malaysian Men. Renowned and synonym for its quality and long lasting fragrance, the brand allows the young modern men to exude confidence and become DASHINGly cool at an affordable and accessible price point. It is a brand that encompasses the epitome of masculinity and confidence. DASHING understands men with its contemporary, edgy, pulsating and cool-confident outlook that appeals to them. DASHING men is an inspiration to others with their effortless magnetism and charm. 

DASHING is a complete men’s grooming range for true men who seek the peak of their confidence. They are the daily achievers who are the bright spark, striver and destiny agent in anything which they do. 

At present, DASHING includes male fragrance, deodorant (body spray, roll-on, anti-perspirant and stick), facial cleansers, talcum and shower. Available in 8 long-lasting sensational fragrances – Cool, Active, Style, Speed, Bold, Edge, Pure Energy & Xtreme. DASHING also partnered with Manchester City Football Club to create amazing products by launching a range of limited edition EDTs and deodorants – Ultimate Kick & Hattrick.


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