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Brand Story

Asia is now the focus of the world.


Better today than in the past, women living in Asia wish to advance to achieve their ideal selves.


They work, learn and play, and their positive beauty improves day after day and continues to shine brighter.


New ASIENCE is made for Asian women who wish to improve their hair beauty. Its “Fundamental Hair Beautifying Care from Root to Tip” is based on the Asian Beauty philosophy.


Keeping the essence of the Asian philosophy of “beauty from within”, new ASIENCE takes the Asian Beauty philosophy one step further to “improve from the inside so that beauty shines on the outside.”


Its improved formula leads the scalp, which is the foundation of hair, to a good condition, and restores the original beauty of Asian hair, from root to tip.


Rather than just treating damaged hair, ASIENCE thinks about the future condition of hair by providing Fundamental Hair Beautifying Care from Root to Tip.


Feel the difference every time you touch your hair - hair has a lively bounce and suppleness from root to tip.


For beauty now, and in the future.

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