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Brand Story

SILKYGIRL is a home-grown brand that offers a complete range of color cosmetics for fun-loving teenagers and young working women interested in enhancing their self-confidence.


Regardless of one’s features, skin tone or skin type, SILKYGIRL has just the right product that brings out the best in oneself. The SILKYGIRL color palette ranges from bold, fun, romantic and exhilarating hues that easily complements one’s mood and persona. SILKYGIRL aims to help aspiring women look and feel good about and believe in themselves.


We have on board 3 celebrated women as our SILKYGIRL ambassadors -; energetic MediaCorp Artiste, Jayley Woo; gorgeous Malaysian actress, Emma Ma’embong; and  multi-talented Indonesian singer/actress, Gita Gutawa. Though different in personality and background, they share one thing in common – unwavering self-assurance.


In a nutshell, SILKYGIRL is here to help you Unleash Your Confidence!

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